Q. What is Bonzamine?
Bonzamine is a Private Online Advertisement and Network Program where invited members can Advertise and refer others to make money.
We have developed a Advertisement Platform that will grow unlike. We do not claim to be one of the best Advertisement Program but we have designed this program to grow and last due to the carefully low risk structure of our pay plan.
Our Team consists of consultants with years of Advertisement experience and business marketing knowledge. Your Advertisement are managed by a highly qualified and skilled team of Advertisement experts, committed to provide you a stable and long term Advertisement income.

Q. What Advertisement Plans are offered by Bonzamine?
Bonzamine offers 2 types of Advertisement packages, from a beginner’s package of $30 for the serious Advertisement subscriber.
We distribute and share our ads profits on monthly basis to our Advertise subscriber from our daily ads profits
(Calculated and paid to you Cash Account every Advertisement day (Mondays to Fridays)

Q. Do you have offer any Referral Bonus Incentives?
There are Four Hybrid Bonus Allowance Programs that you can leverage on and build a long term residue income.

Q. How much is the Advertisement Subscription Package?
Advertisement Subscription Packages ranging in multiple of $30.

Q. How to be a Member?
Everyone can Open an Account and it is FREE to register.
Fill in the Registration Form to register as an FREE Affiliate Member.
When your registration is approved your membership details including your Private Membership (User Name) will be emailed to you.
(Do not use invalid Names, email address or contact numbers your account will be deleted without any refund.)

Q. How do I make my payment?
 Payments are made through Bitcoin, Perfect Money and payeer online payment gateway.  

Q. How do I purchase the Advertisement Subscription Packages?
To make a product purchase you need to ADD FUNDS from Bitcoin, Perfect Money and payeer to your account.
When you add funds from your Bitcoin, Perfect Money ,payeer . it will be credited to your e-Wallet Account.
With the Credits in your e-Wallet you can purchase your Advertisement Subscription Packages.

Q. What about OLD  Advertisement Subscription Packages? 
You can get 10% monthly for 24 month for .your old subscription package, But you must be activate your account with minimum activation package.

With the Credits in your e-Wallet you can purchase your Advertisement Subscription Packages.

Q. How are Ads Bonus paid to my accounts?
We apply a split ads bonus to enable us to sustain our business so that you can make money. Your Ads Bonus 100% and Referral Bonus will be paid 100% to your E-Bank. Your Referral Bonus are paid as per percentage to your Cash Earnings. Percentage is based on the growth of the business and it is reviewed from time to time.

Q. How to I withdraw my Cash Bonus?
Your can withdraw point from your account on every 15th and 30th OR last date of month. It will be credited to your account same day or next working day.  Minimum withdrawal will be 300 Point. 

Q. How many Advertisement Subscription Packages can I purchase from my account?
You can purchase as many Advertisement Subscription Packages as you like from your account
(with the same User Name, same email address )
Your ads income of every Advertisement Subscription Packages is accounted separately and calculated from the date of your purchase.

Q. How many Accounts can I register?
You can register only one Accounts to Advertisement Subscription Packages.

Q. What if I forgot my User ID, Login password or Security Pin?
If you forgot your Login Password or Security Pin.
In the login page click "Forgot Password" to get your login password , "Forgot User ID" to get your User ID, fill in the form and your information will emailed and Send By SMS on your mobile.
If you cannot find our emails please look into your junk mail or spam mail.
Do not lose your Password or Security Pin Numbers; you may not be able to recover your account

Q. My account can be suspended?
When manipulate with account to take advantage of our Advertisement programs with intention to make money for yourself instead of helping the network to grow your account will be suspend without any refund. Do not use invalid Names, email address or contact numbers your account will be deleted without any refund.

Q. How safe and secured is your website?
We have done everything to protect all members with the best security system available.
We have all the necessary securities such as DDOS Protection, SSL Security encrypted script to protect all our member private data.
Our program is a Private License Script unlike many others programs. Our Ads bonus and Compensation is design to grow and last.
Q. Can I Re-Invest my Bonus Earning?
You can use your Cash Earnings to re-purchase more Advertisement Subscription Packages by Transferring your Cash Account Credit to your e-Wallet.
Q. How Works e-Wallet - Adding Funds and Internal Transfers?
When you add Funds to bonzamine.com  your funds will be credited to your e-Wallet and not to your Cash Account.
1) You can Transfer your Cash Account Credit to your e-Wallet. 
2) You can Transfer your e-Wallet Credit to another Member's e-Wallet.
3) You can use your e-Wallet Credit to Purchase more Advertisement Subscription Packages for yourself.
4) e-Wallet Credit CANNOT be Transferred to your Cash Account.
5) e-Wallet Credit CANNOT be Withdrawn to your  Bank Account

Q. I have a question which is not answered here, what should I do?
Please read the News, the FAQ, How it works and the Plans section before you may find your answers there,
Emails are answered within 24 hours but usually within one or three hours depending on the number emails we received.

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